I’m a personal success coach, on a mission to help women like you discover your innate creative power. I want to support you as you step into the woman you were created to be and live a more present, energized, balanced and fulfilling life every day. My workshops, retreats and programs are designed to help you live more fully in a deeper relationship with all aspects of your life.

I believe that within every woman (that includes you) is a Shero, an authentically powerful, creative, resourceful, intelligent and gifted woman, perfectly whole and capable of being the champion of her own life. I help women to believe bigger than their circumstances, and equip them with the tools and techniques they need to take bold action to create a life that’s a greater expression of their authentic self.

I work with women who are willing to set a course for what’s possible, who are inspired and inspiring and ready to turn what they want into a compelling dream they can achieve.

When I’m not helping women live freer, fuller lives, I enjoy being a bona fide “soccer mom” to my son and daughter, serving in my spiritual community, hiking in Bay Area hillsides and spending way too much time at the farmer’s market.

You can reach me at Akanke@ClaimYourShero.com.

“I was struggling with personal relationship, work and self confidence issues. I didn’t like to discuss these issues but I immediately felt comfortable opening up to Akanke.  She was very easy to talk to and had such a calming effect on me.



“She helped me to see that it was okay to have boundaries—something I was looking for permission to have. She gave me that.”