Quote of the Day

“How you treat yourself is in direct proportion to how much you love yourself.”

Self Inquiry

What would the benefit be to your family and work, if you treated yourself with an increased degree of love, concern and care?

Action Step

February is the month of love. After January 1st, everywhere we turn there are pink and red hearts, chocolates on display, mushy greeting cards declaring love for just about anyone, and restaurants rearrange their seating charts to accommodate parties of 2. All in the name of love.

As a mother it’s easy, natural to love your children, partners, family and friends, isn’t it? To put your needs aside so that the kids and the job are fulfilled. But what about you? Are you loving yourself as much as or more than you love others?

Most mothers would gasp at the idea of loving themselves more than they love their children. Whaaat!? Some might even feel guilty just thinking about it.

Here’s the thing: If moms don’t treat themselves and love themselves, at least as much as they do others, then they can’t show up wholeheartedly for the people they say they love. An empty glass cannot fill another. The eventual emotional, physical and psychological consequences, for mom and the entire family, aren’t worth it.

3 Benefits of loving yourself…as much as you do others:

  1. You teach your daughter(s) that she is worthy of love and care.
  2. You show your son(s) that they don’t have to “fix” every problem—that women need time to care for themselves.
  3. You’re more assertive and confident when it comes to asking for what you need and want from your employer or team.

This month, turn some of that love you give out so selflessly inward and watch the beauty that unfolds as your life.


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