Is this you – A smart, savvy, spiritual, ambitious career woman who wants to take life by the [fill in the blanks] and thrive? Yes, I know you are!

You’ve got it together – great career, beautiful home, wonderful relationships and lifestyle.

You juggle a lot of balls with your multiple responsibilities: mother, wife/partner, household, full-time career, community involvement, social life, travel, etc.

You pride yourself on being in control of it all, handling everything, well, perfectly.

Yet… you begin to notice that things just keep piling on and nothing seems to drop off. Your to-do list is never done.

Things are beginning to feel less in control and you are beginning to feel more stressed-out.

It’s becoming harder to focus and follow through on all that you have going on…so those balls you’re juggling are dropped because you’re physically and mentally exhausted.

But it’s so hard to let go of anything. You can handle it all, and you are the best one to do it. Although you really wish someone else would help out – why is it always you who has to step in and get it done right?

Resentment and frustration begging to set in, and you’re feeling exhausted by the end of the day without that satisfying feeling of accomplishment that used to accompany it.

And then…You begin to snap at your partner or co-worker, get more colds than you used to, beg off the parties you love because it’s just. too. much.

Is THIS the life you worked so damn hard for? What’s happening here?

Well, it’s called “perfectionitis.” I know because I used to suffer from it. For me back then – and for many of the women I coach – all that exhaustion, resentment, frustration, stress finally explodes. Into serious health issues, career losses, problems for the kids, even marriage breakups … not so perfect at all.

Believe me, it’s hard to let go of being the one to do it all. But I found a way to end my cycle of perfectionism and overwhelm, and guess what?

I move confidently through my work week with a sense of order, purpose and ease.

I get the sleep I need, waking up energized and focused on the day, all day.

I am more fully present and engaged with the people I love, and doing the things I love.

I’ve built in stress-proof resilience, ready to tackle whatever is thrown my way even when times get crazy.

THIS is the life I worked so damn hard for, and I’m able to gain more by doing less , without constant juggling – yes, it’s true!

So, here’s the thing: I’m no different from you. My personal life (marriage and health) had to explode and collapse on top of me before I realized what I was doing, and I learned the major shifts I needed to make to design my life, including redefining what “perfect” is. And now my life is more perfect than when I was a “perfectionist.”

Does that seem impossible? No, not if I could do it! There’s hope for perfectionitis!

I know it’s tough. I know that it can feel like you’re between a rock and a hard place. How can you have both perfection and freedom? How can you…

  • Have the time and freedom to enjoy your life each day?
  • Stay connected, engaged and present in your relationships without worrying about making everything perfect?
  • Feel grounded in the present moment, knowing you are just fine and able to let go of things that don’t serve you?

Well sister, as a recovered perfectionist myself, I may be the perfect person to show you how. I have a system that I use and I share this same system with clients and their lives have shifted 180 degrees, thriving beyond what they could imagine.

I know you’re a person who takes action (all perfectionists do!) so here’s what I want you to do …

Click the link below to take the next step toward shifting from perfectionist to getting what you want by doing less. Schedule a strategy session call with me and answer a few quick questions to get us started. We’ll talk about how that juggling thing is going for you, and what you would really like in this life you’ve worked  so hard for. I’ll share with you exactly how I cured myself of “perfectionitis!”


Your partner in life design,


P.S. Schedule some time to chat even if you don’t think you’re “showing symptoms” yet. On our call I’ll map out this system so you can work better, not harder, have more energy, and enjoy life in every present moment!


P.P.S. Wanna know how I shifted my life 180 degrees? Schedule the call and I’ll explain all!



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