Live By Design: Unlock the Secrets to Balance, Success and Sanity for the Professional Woman

A 6-month transformational experience designed to empower you with the clarity, confidence and momentum you need to design and live a life of joy, freedom and purpose.

Hi Sister!

You are more powerful than you think. You have access to a reservoir of creativity, resources, wisdom, energy and personal power. Ready to be uncovered, unlocked and used in service to a life you love to live.

Girls come into the world with this innate creative power. But over the years as we grow into women, our perpetual list of day-to-day activities, roles, cultural expectations and self-imposed pressure bury that power — deep. We don’t even realize that we’re running on autopilot, living by default not design. I did this for many years. Until I was forced to change my thinking and my actions.

Meaningful and long-lasting transformation is an inner and outer game. I’ve learned that when you elevate your inner game and bring it into alignment with a purposeful outer game…well sister, everything changes. You transform stuckness into flow, uncertainty into clarity, fear into faith, busyness into purposefulness, lack and limitation into possibility, and self-doubt into confidence.

Live by Design is an experience that will change your life.

The time is NOW to live the life you’re working so darn hard for!

– Akanke Adefunmi

We’ll turn the spotlight on YOU, and together identify and pivot how you’re showing up in your life right now — the blind spots, patterns and beliefs that are keeping you on autopilot and yearning for something better.  We’ll address and pivot those life-drainers to reclaim your resources, confidence, and power. I’ll provide guidance all the way, accountability, and a sisterhood that holds you in love.

You will walk away with an unmistakable, unshakable openness to more flow, freedom, joy and meaning, welcoming it into your personal and professional life.

You will walk toward excellent decisions and focused action you’ve designed to create the life you love and the impact you’re here to make. You’ll walk away lugging a (virtual) trunk full of strategies, practices, resources and tools that will help you be more grounded, productive, confident, connected and energized — throughout your (beautifully designed) life.

Isn’t it about time you got to live the life you’re working so hard for? Live By Design gives you the tools, structure, capabilities and sisterhood you need to shift from drifting through a life by default into thriving in a life you’ve designed yourself.

Your partner in life design,


“Life is short, and it’s up to you to make it sweet.”

– Sadie Delany

Stop worrying about what’s right for you, because you “know?”

Be sure of what the next and best steps are in any area of your life, always aligned with what’s meaningful?

Be more bold, confident, and intentional — no more inner saboteur blocking your path?

Have more aliveness, sense of freedom and satisfaction at the end of the day?

Easily prioritize and focus on the things that actually matter, that move you toward your vision for your kids, partner, career, and your self?

Make decisions EVERY DAY with confidence and purpose; and get the help you need to get results?

Easily say, “No” without guilt or second-guessing yourself?

Nourish yourself daily with practices that keep you calm, creative, focused, and happy?

If you’re answer is YES! then here are THE DETAILS…

60-minute Get Clarity & Discover Your Shero session

4 30-minute private coaching sessions: Use whenever you need 1-to-1 coaching

6 learning sessions (1x month): We explore Live By Design principles and cornerstones

6 Q&A sessions: Your opportunity to ask questions, get feedback, learn from others, or possibly be coached on the spot

Lifework a.k.a homework: Simple yet powerful exercises that aren’t busywork, but definitely work, so you can deepen the learning and move into action

Accountability: because Goal Science says that when your goals are written, shared with others, tracked and checked you’re over 33% more likely to achieve them.

A small village of dedicated powerhouse women who are committed to your success and to creating amazing lives by design themselves 

Private online community: The place to “refill your cup”. Receive encouragement, inspiration, additional support and a resource library. Share your celebrations, progress and breakthroughs with sisters who are committed to your success 

MP3 recordings available so you don’t have to worry if you can’t make a learning or Q&A session

“Where your attention goes, your life goes.”

– Martha Beck

Are you ready to Live By Design?

Unlock the secrets to balance, success and sanity for the professional woman


I LOVE to walk away from a party or event with a gift bag full of swag — don’t you? So, sister, in addition to a powerful transformative program you’ll also take away these bonus items:

Ask For Help And Get It: A foolproof script.

Fierce Feminine Affirmations: Everyday truths for women determined to live boldly, purposefully and confidently

Energy Management Plan: Personalized plan for cultivating clarity, creating flow, staying grounded and unlocking energy and time

Banish Your Frenemy Template: For releasing the inner critic, blocks, patterns and stuck points

The Empowered “No” Tip Sheet: Ways to say, “No” without guilt

Claim Your Shero Manifesto: A must-have reminder of your truth, power and purpose

Fail Into Success: A simple yet effective exercise to turn mistakes and failures into success

Akanke’s Bookshelf: Transformational books that will support you to live your best life

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.”

– Maya Angelou


  • Feel stuck in that “what a woman is supposed to do” journey — school, work, marriage kids, house, career — and somewhere along the line you lost YOU.
  • Aren’t totally clear about what’s next for you; you don’t want to end up as just another cog in the corporate wheel
  • Struggle with a loss of confidence and lack of courage and aren’t sure how to build and maintain that muscle
  • Are busy with “busyness” so your actions are just activities, not moving you forward and  causing more stress than peace of mind.
  • Know you have it “in you” to live an awesome life, but don’t know how to tap into that inner wisdom, strength, and courage?
  • Feel like you’re doing it all yourself, and you stopped asking for help a long time ago, because what’s the point?
  • Believe you’re on the planet at this time for a reason, and it’s not to just take up oxygen; you want to live on purpose.
  • Feel like you’re sometimes just going through the motions, going “default,” weighed down in old patterns and habits?
  • You agree that along with meditation, setting intentions and prayer you also need to take real action.
  • You’ve never really been satisfied with upholding the status quo, especially not in your own life; you want to design your own path and need some help (and occasional kick in the pants) to do it.
  • Agree that it takes some effort to make the changes you want or need to make — and you’re ready!

“Your heart can never have what it longs for, as long as it is full of what you’ve settled for.”

– Unknown

Your time is NOW!

Unlock the secrets to balance, success and sanity for the professional woman


I love working one-to-one with women, but this option isn’t for everyone — financially, logistically, or emotionally. So, I created this program that you can do in the comfort of your couch, between school hours, wee hours, or anytime. You’ll have the recordings and materials to refer to forever. You’ll have me, all-in with my experience, training, faith, and been-there support. You’ll hang out with other women who are going where you want to go. Real transformation requires time, commitment, encouragement, and support. Like the African proverb says, “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Why am I doing this? This work, and my sisterhood, saved my life — and my kids’ lives too.

It’s strange how we humans seem to need the universal two-by-four (trauma, drama, breakdown) to make the changes we know we need to make. I’m no exception. It took losing myself, losing my 14-year marriage, and the shattering of my family before I finally paid attention. I finally “read the memo” which went something like:

“You need to get yourself together, sister! What happened to Akanke — who put her on autopilot, fuzzy, foggy, fearful, doubtful, giving up? You are more than that. You are more than you think. Wake up! Your innate creative power is in there somewhere — find her and bring her out. Apply that power!”

That was the turning point for me, especially because I had two young kids who were depending on me, and I had to do something different. I put my big-girl panties on and got to work. I was scared and it didn’t happen overnight, that’s for sure. But here I am, with a daily practice of staying mindful of applying my innate creative power in every area of my life. And my work in the world now is to help women empower themselves so that they can live fully-expressed, balanced and wholly satisfying lives.

“You’re more powerful than you think. You have access to a reservoir of creativity, resources, wisdom, energy and personal power. Ready to be uncovered, unlocked and used in service to a life you love to live.”

– Akanke Adefunmi

So tell me, sister: Are you ready to live by design, not by default?

Are you ready for a truly transformative experience that will elevate you to a whole new level of work-life satisfaction and fulfillment? That will ripple outward to transform your family, deepen your relationships, and improve the legacy you’re meant to leave in the world?

Live By Design

Unlock the secrets to balance, success and sanity for the professional woman

Questions or concerns?

Questions or concerns?  Sure — you’re taking a leap, sister, so you should know what you’re getting into! Just drop me a note at to set up a quick call.

Does your company give you a coaching, conference, or learning and development stipend? You may be eligible to have your program fees covered at least partially by your employer.  We’re happy to help — send Akanke a note at:


“Akanke helped me to get crystal clear about what’s important and what truly has meaning for me. Now I can choose what I will and will not do with confidence. It makes my life so much easier. I’ve also attracted more people and projects that align with my mission as an entrepreneur and a lover of life.” ~ Geraldine

“Akanke helped me to focus on and cultivate my strengths and remember that I have the tools to continue to succeed.” ~ Sonia

“Change is scary! And sometimes really really hard! But there was no other path than to address my issues head-on, be brave and bold, take back my life, and to return home to my true self! Working with Akanke I learned what I truly value. She is such a beautiful soul! I’m forever grateful for her!” ~ Jamie

“Working with Akanke, it feels like things art easier and I have more energy. I am able to get things done effortlessly and I want to do more. I feel awake!” ~ Heather, Cincinnati, OH

“I didn’t have the ability to see that I was being pushed to my limits personally, physically and professionally before working with Akanke. I thought it was okay to be exhausted all the time. I even assumed my health issues weren’t significant. The truth is that I was trying to say, ‘yes’ to everybody.”  ~ Vita

Akanke is a fantastic life coach who helped me clarify and resolve a lot of issues that kept me from reaching my goals. After working with her, I was able to work more efficiently, stay more organized, and find more balance in my life.” ~ Barbie

“Before I started working with Akanke, I felt unhappy, generally unsatisfied, tired and stuck.  There were so many changes I wanted to make and knew I needed to make, but could not get myself in motion….I now have more confidence to try new directions and to give myself and my family more space as a mother.  I also feel more empowered to nurture and value myself. I feel I’ve reconnected to the more spiritual part of myself and am making more room for joy and play in my life.” ~ Lara

“Due to the work I did with Akanke I feel a blockage was removed and my energy shifted were I was able to start focusing on loving, accepting, appreciating and celebrating myself. I was also able to start back reclaiming my power.” ~ Ayana

Live By Design, not default

Unlock the secrets to balance, success and sanity for the professional woman