Courage is the most important of all the virtues, because without courage you can’t practice any other virtue consistently. You can practice any virtue erratically, but nothing consistently without courage.” –Maya Angelou

I don’t like writing blog posts or making videos for my vlog. Simply put, it’s uncomfortable. “You’re not a writer or media personality.” “Other people are much better at this than you’ll ever be.” “You’re a coach sweetheart so just stick with what you know.” Thoughts like these circulate through my mind whenever I consider writing a piece or creating a video to post. And it suuucks! Actually it’s sucking as I write this.

You might be wondering, “If you hate it so much why are you doing it?” Good question! Well, two reasons:

Reason number one: Because I have a clear vision for my business and my life. And as a coach I know that in order for me to make that vision a reality I’m going to have to do some things I’m not entirely comfortable with or good at. And I know without a doubt that courage is mandatory when you’re making moves toward personal and professional success.

Nothing really great happens in your comfort zone.” –Michael Hyatt

Whether you’re improving your level of happiness, up leveling your work-life satisfaction, taking a bigger seat at the table or saying “No” when your default response has been “Yes”, being with the discomfort or uncertainty and doing it anyway takes balls. But since you’re a woman, I’ll just say it takes courage—sometimes fierce courage.

Here’s the thing, how many times have you accomplished something amazing, extraordinary or expansive without feeling some level of discomfort? Probably not many and that’s because you did it with the fear—with your big girl panties on. Fierce courage is what’s required if you want to live a life of happiness, well-being and balance.

If you’re not feeling very fiercy then do one of the following things:

  • Take a deep breath, tell your inner critic to go play in traffic and just say what needs saying or do what needs doing.
  • Phone your cheerleader sister-friends and tell them you need 1 minute “You go girl” pep talk
  • Play an empowering song. My go to is This Is My Life by Irene Boggs
  • Pullout your go to empowering affirmation.

Whatever you do the point is to intentionally tap into the courageous, unstoppable and capable part of you—your inner Shero. You and I both know she’s there. Sometimes we simply have to summon her.

My second reason for doing this is that my crew of coaching colleagues has challenged me to write and post a piece that isn’t perfect. Yikes! They knew I’d be very uncomfortable posting something I hadn’t spent countless hours thinking about, questioning its value, writing and rewriting then deleting before starting over again.

So they did what most coaches do when clients need a kick-in-the-pants to move towards their goals…they challenged me. Thanks guys! Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice? But seriously, I’m thankful. Everyone needs to be challenged once in awhile. It’s helped me to drop kick the Perfectionist into oncoming traffic.

So here it is guys! And here I am (knee bouncing with anxiety) doing the stuff I’ve asked countless clients to do—be courageously, claim your shero and…just do the dang thang!


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