If you haven’t heard or seen it yet, checkout my new Facebook Live video series, How To Completely Change Your Level Of Happiness At The Office And Home. Which focused on helping you improve your level of work-life satisfaction.

Professional women are consistently asking me, “What’s the secret to work-life balance?” The truth is, there is no secret, only choices. Yep. Real and lasting “balance” is all about conscious and intentional choice…everyday.

Here’s the first in a series of vlog posts that will lead you toward the life that’s been calling to you.


Akanke Adefunmi helps professional women shift from stress to success in their work-family-personal life. You are always invited to attend one of her free work-family-self balance webinars or join her monthly Working Moms Virtual Retreat. Follow her on Twitter, @Akanke_Adefunmi, Like her Facebook page, facebook.com/claimyourshero

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