Akanke is a dynamo on stage! Audiences are drawn to her take-notice style and no-nonsense message that breaks things down to the truth, then offers practical tools, techniques and resources people can use right away to make positive changes for themselves.

Drawing from her own experience as a serial entrepreneur, spiritual practitioner, success coach and single mom, Akanke inspires her audiences to believe bigger than their circumstances, to tap into their inner authority that can move them from “rut” to “results.”

Every talk is personalized as Akanke speaks from the heart and connects deeply with the group. She infuses her talks with shares, exercises, visuals and stories that create a memorable experience. Her expert guidance and infectious spirit leave individuals empowered and energized to take action!



Activate Your Inner Shero Series:

How 2 Simple Words Determine Balance In Your Life
Did you know that two simple words could make the difference between feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and resentful….and connected, supported and free? Learn how to harness the power of these simple words and live the balanced life you crave.

The average person makes 35,000 decisions per day. These accumulated choices work together and send ripples outward through your work and personal lives. Each decision you make can determine whether you stay in or fall out of balance. Getting and staying clear about your “Yes” and “No” is your ticket to lasting fulfillment and balance at work and home.

Audiences will take away:

  • The answer to the question, “Is work-life balance even possible?”
  • 3 key factors that block your ability to achieve balance
  • How to free up your time and energy for the people, things and projects you love
  • How to master the “choice challenge” for good


Jumpstart Your Dreams: How to harness your creative power to live by design, not default
Is your life successful, but you still feel like you’re just going through the motions sometimes? You know what you want to change (new business idea, weight issue, community work, family, lifestyle?), and you know it’s possible. But you don’t know how or when to start, or even if this is what you really want. So, procrastination over passion, fear over fervor, status quo over a super-sensational life? Uh-uh, sister! Discover your innate personal power that can manifest lasting change for a purposeful, passionate life.

Audiences will take away:

  • 3 massive mistakes that keep you stuck in a rut
  • Where and how to jumpstart your dream
  • How to apply creative power in any situation


Thriving in the Midst of Transition: How to succeed at living happily ever after…divorce
Have you ever heard that the impact of divorce is similar to the impact of someone dying? It’s true. It’s the ending of something, a death of what was, what could have been. With all the emotions, ups and downs, arguments and change that can happen during the divorce process, who can think beyond all that???  But there IS life after divorce … and that life can be the one you’ve actually always dreamed of having. We have to let go of what was in order to have what’s been waiting for us. It’s your time to design and create something bigger, better and more than you ever imagined possible. There are blessings in every divorce but sometimes they can be hard to find through the haze of emotions, upsets and changes.

Audiences will take away:

  • How to open up space to embrace the new life that’s waiting for you
  • 3 things that are holding you back from thriving
  • Embracing the power of community to support you through your transition
  •  The #1 secret to taking back your life and becoming your best you


“Discover your innate creative power to renovate and rejuvenate your life!”
– Akanke

For Booking: (415) 813-8865 or Akanke@claimyourshero.com

Akanke's Speaker Sheet

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