For a lot of professional women summertime can throw life off balance. It can feel like everyone’s having fun but you. Sure school is out but let’s be real, that does not mean you get a break.

Recently I decided that I REALLY needed a break, a mommycation. Between time spent presenting to women’s groups, holding webinars and preparing for a major workshop, I’d been putting in a lot of hours at work. And because my kids are home (not summer camp. Don’t ask me what I was thinking) I was feeling pressure from both sides. I was really in need of a soulful time-out.

On airplanes they tell you to put the oxygen mask on yourself first. I know that can be challenging for a lot of moms because we’re in the caretaking business. But sometimes you just have to stop and care for you—rejuvenate, replenish and breathe before the stress and pressures of everyday life suffocate you and negatively affect those around you.

If you can relate to any part of this I have a suggestion for you. Give yourself permission to take a break—a mommycation. It doesn’t have to be long or grand. The simpler the better.

Use these simple tips to help you plan:

Where to go?

  • Staycation in your favorite hotel. Order room service, read a great book, watch movies, lounge by the pool or just sleep
  • 1-2 day cruise
  • Camping (if you’re experienced and love being in nature)
  • Day trip. Visit that one place you’ve been meaning to.

Here’s what I did: I reached out to a girlfriend living in Santa Barbara. We chose dates that worked for both of us and because I didn’t want to do the drive alone, I asked another friend to come along (she needed a break too). Instant girlfriend’s weekend!

What about the kids?

  • If you have a partner or spouse, well, let them know they’ll be on the clock.
  • If you’re a single mom, ask family and friends to babysit.
  • Hire someone to stay with your child

Here’s what I did: A babysitting trade with a couple mommy-friends. They took care of my 2 kids and I’ll babysit for them in return.
Hint: If you have multiple children and think you might be burdening someone with all your babies, consider splitting up the kids amongst your friends and family (kids love this by the way). You’re only going to be away for a short while.

What to do while you’re away?

I only have one recommendation: Do what you LOVE, not what you think you shouldbe doing. So if your intention is to wake up early and hike to a scenic viewpoint but you later decide to sleep-in and eat cake for breakfast, that’s okay. It’s your break.

Here’s what I mean: I had every intention of sightseeing in Santa Barbara. It’s a beautiful town after all. Instead, we ended up spending day 1 sitting on a blanket in a park enjoying a picnic. Day 2 was spent sipping tea and chatting for hours in a Balinese-style garden. And the last day, was spent at the beach watching the waves. Simple. Sweet. Short. Rejuvenating.

It’s your turn. Where will you go? When? What will you do?

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