“You’ve been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens” – Louise Hay

When was the last time you gave yourself full-on credit for an accomplishment? I mean really, when have you truly acknowledged where you started and what you created, voiced, or manifested in your life?

For a lot of women self-acknowledgement and self-appreciation can be a hard thing to do. It can feel like bragging. And with the negative connotations many have attached to bragging, it’s no wonder why so many women find it difficult to do. I happen to believe that bragging, from a place of self-love, self-appreciation and acknowledgement is a very, very good thing.

When you take time to appreciate yourself it’s like you’re stepping off the moving train that’s your life, looking around and honoring your spirit, acknowledging that you’re hear for a purpose and appreciating the path (rough and smooth) that’s lead you to where you are today. “I AM bragging” is the kind of bragging I’m talking about. Like an affirmation, this has power and can have the transformative power of making you feel strong, good, at peace, confident, independent, empowered and more. Oh sister, this is a good, good thing!

Here’s the thing, DON’T wait for other people to appreciate or acknowledge you. It’s great when they do but you have to acknowledge yourself too. It sinks in at a deeper level and creates space for transformative shifts. Within coaching sessions I’ll often have clients brag about themselves for several timed minutes. Sure, it’s bumpy at first but then it flows into a beautiful verbal quilt of their life. And shift happens!

Now it’s your turn. Try this: Disregard what you’ve been told or the story you’ve made up about bragging, then give yourself permission to brag. Set a 3-minute timer and stand in front of a mirror. Tell the woman looking back at you what you want to celebrate today. Say what you’ve come through and what you’re acknowledging and appreciating about YOU. Be loud and proud about it. Brag sister brag! You are honoring your presence and journey. That’s definitely something worth celebrating!


To being Clear, Balanced, and Purposeful in every area of your life,


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