"I help moms design a life in which they do what they love, get what they
want and live a greater expression of their authentic selves.”

A vision without action is simply entertainment.

My vision is to be a catalyst for your success in achieving your highest vision for your life—a life that’s fulfilling every day, not just some days, or someday.

Do you believe that everything you want in life unfolds when your authentic self supports your intention and you apply your creative power to it? I believe that for you, it’s the action part of the vision. And it’s why I do the work I do.

When you work with me, here’s what can happen. You….

• Engage and participate in manifesting what you say you want.

• Begin with intention and believe in possibility.

Let go of habits, people, places and ideas that expire and sabotage you—keeping you stuck, repeating the same old thing.

Access your inner strength, trust your wisdom and confidently move in the direction of your dreams.

• Take the time to invest in yourself and your future, by directing your life from this new place of strength.

• Surround yourself with the people who mirror your best self and who love you for expressing the authentic you.

• Care for, honor, trust and celebrate YOU.

Bring your best self and innate gifts to a tailored life experience, instead of a cookie-cutter existence.

Live your life by design, not default.


Are you willing and ready?  Currently I’m accepting a select number of clients who are ready to turn possibilities into realities, vision into action, and fully commit to tackling their challenges to design a life with a whole new level of joy, purpose and balance.

If this is you, I’d love to support you.  Please fill out this Balance, Ease & Passion Strategy Session questionnaire so you can share with me what challenges you’re currently facing, which will allow us to have a session that’s tailored to your specific needs. I do my best to respond within 1 business day.




“Prior to working with Akanke, I was able to recognize that I’d run my life into a corner, but was unable to see my way out of it. Everything I knew how to do was what landed me there in the first place, but trying new approaches or strategies felt like random, useless shots in the dark.

Basically, I felt paralyzed.

While working together, I took steps way beyond my comfort zone towards long held goals I’d been afraid to pursue. I expanded my social circle, began dating and pursued career options I previously thought were out of reach. Knowing I had Akanke’s full support as a sounding board, cheerleader and coach made these “risky” steps feel manageable, all the time allowing me to cultivate my self-confidence and get acquainted with my inner wisdom.  

I now feel confident in my own ability to steer my life. I’m more willing to let go of who I think I am in order to pursue what I want to become and work through the fears that inevitably come with that kind of transformation.”

Ali H., Oakland Ca.

“Before attending a Claim Your Shero workshop, I had a dream that I wanted to fulfill. I was beginning to think it was out of my reach, and wasn’t sure whether I should just abandon it altogether.

During the workshop, I focused on my intention and did the work that Akanke asked us to do. As a result I got the clarity I needed and I knew that it was just a matter of time and persistence. I would often revisit what I wrote down in the workshop with Akanke, and when I got frustrated with my results, I stayed the course.

Within 6 months of the workshop, my dream of buying a home for me and my son was a reality. It’s not to say that that wouldn’t have happened without her, but I know that starting the new year with her workshop gave me a plan, focused intention, and a goal. And I was able to achieve it.”

Jen Weiss, CA

“I didn’t have the ability to see that I was being pushed to my limits personally, physically and professionally before working with Akanke. I thought it was okay to be exhausted all the time. I even assumed my health issues weren’t significant. The truth is that I was trying to say, ‘yes’ to everybody.

During our first session Akanke was clearly able to see that what I was doing was detrimental to my business and myself. She helped me to see that it was okay to have boundaries—something I was looking for permission to have. She gave me that.

As a result of working with Akanke, I was able to set goals and limits for my business and myself. I got the courage to state to others, what I needed and the changes I needed to make. And my requests were quickly and easily granted! Now everything is manageable. Sure, sometimes I still say, ‘yes’ but now I’m also saying, ‘no’. I’m no longer exhausted, my health and energy levels are much better and I’m working on my larger goals. I even gave myself permission to take a European vacation this year.”

Vita, Alameda, CA

“I was struggling with personal relationship, work and self confidence issues. I didn’t like to discuss these issues but I immediately felt comfortable opening up to Akanke.  She was very easy to talk to and had such a calming effect on me.

While working together I was able to recognize my conscious and often subconscious actions and reactions, the ones holding me back from getting what I wanted and deserved. Akanke put me back in the driver’s seat of my life and together we came up with strategies and practical steps to improve my personal situations. For starters I realized that I needed to look at things differently, with a more positive, constructive and productive attitude and approach.

Now I’m connecting to what makes me happy and I’m speaking up when something’s on my mind. I stay focused on the fact that this is my life and I get to make choices that are right for me—choices that make me happy.

It’s been baby steps for me, steps I may never have considered taking without Akanke’s help.  I’m thankful for her support and guidance. It was the best choice I made to work with her!”

Stacey, Fort Lauderdale, FL

“Before working with Akanke, I was in another program learning how to heal my childhood, church and relationship hurts. However, I’d stopped doing the work because there were areas of my life I was struggling to understand, before I could heal.

Within 45 minutes of working together, I had 3 “aha” moments. The first was when Akanke simply asked, ‘Are you celebrating, appreciating, accepting and loving yourself?’ Another aha moment occurred when she encouraged me to find 3 great things (gifts) that were a result of my past hurts. And the 3rd aha moment happened when she showed me how to find the joys of my heart.

I feel I’ve reclaimed my power. I feel a blockage has been removed. My energy has shifted and I’m able to focus on loving, accepting, appreciating and celebrating myself.”

Ayanna, Jupiter, FL